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Excerpt from

Lunar Nodes: Keys To Emotions And Life Experience

I have learned the Art of Astrology and how to read the planets, houses and signs by studying people and the language they use to share their thoughts and their personal history with me. I applied myself to the study of the Science of Astrology aided by the best teachers, books and materials available to those of us who are determined to understand our discipline. I have observed how transits, progressions, directions and many various techniques reflect the process of living. Friends, family, my students and clients have generously provided me with a wealth of learning opportunities as I pursued my own journey. I have asked questions and listened to the answers people gave me, always curious to learn about the stories of their lives, to understand or to share a part of their experiences.

Sometimes when I think about the intricate patterns created by the movement of the heavenly bodies in our Zodiac and how these designs are reflected in our lives here on earth, it feels like we are all part of a huge orchestra and dance company. I love to think about the symbolism of each astrological indicator and the interplay between them as I wonder how their energy will be translated in our lives. I have particularly enjoyed exploring the way each of us interprets the messages we receive as we journey through our lives, how we define our individual "reality" based on our perception of the experiences we have.

Using Astrology to delineate perception, feelings and process requires that we approach chart reading with great reverence for the individual soul and life purpose. We need to understand that our own perception of reality is a result of our personal internal dialogue, the emotional overtones and undertones that have formed the basis of our world view. We need to recognize that the language we use and rely on to convey our thoughts and feelings is ours alone; every other soul has their own way of thinking, feeling and processing reality. We may think we are communicating in the same language as the other person but we are not. The astrological tools are there, we simply need to adjust our way of thinking as we delineate, and be willing to use some different techniques than those we choose when we identify personality traits or describe the way a person can be expected to take action or to respond to the opportunities, challenges, people and surprises they encounter.

I have studied the slow, transiting footprints of the Lunar Nodes, seeking to understand the process they represent, the personal growth they initiate and the life changing experiences they leave in their wake on their inexorable journey through a life. I have explored the impact of their natal positions on the nuances of life experience. The work has fascinated me for nearly 30 years.

As we explore the Lunar Nodes in this book, we will consider the relationship between process, perception, awareness, feelings, beliefs and "happenings" or events. Be willing to take time for introspection, to discover or observe your own internal reality as you explore this book! Think about the emotional context of your life; examine various formative experiences that have had an impact on your individual development and psyche. Consider how the choices you have made are based on your personal judgment and life experience. Now it is up to you, my fellow Astrologer, to delve into your own concepts and experiences, to increase your skill in creating your own reality and to grow in awareness of your relationship to your world.

Enjoy the journey!

Diane Ronngren


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Symbols of Destiny
Chapter 2 - Node Basics
Chapter 3 - Lunar Nodes, Signs and Houses
Aries North Node / Libra South Node - 1st House North Node / 7th House South Node
Taurus North Node / Scorpio South Node 33 - 2nd House North Node / 8th House South Node
Gemini North Node / Sagittarius South Node - 3rd House North Node / 9th House South Node
Cancer North Node / Capricorn South Node - 4th House North Node / 10th House South Node
Leo North Node / Aquarius South Node - 5th House North Node / 11th House South Node
Virgo North Node / Pisces South Node - 6th House North Node / 12th House South Node
Libra North Node / Aries South Node -7th House North Node / 1st House South Node
Scorpio North Node / Taurus South Node - 8th House North Node / 2nd House South Node
Sagittarius North Node / Gemini South Node - 9th House North Node / 3rd House South Node
Capricorn North Node / Cancer South Node - 10th House North Node / 4th House South Node
Aquarius North Node / Leo South Node 11th House North Node / 5th House South Node
Pisces North Node / Virgo South Node - 12th House North Node / 6th House South Node
Chapter 4 - Keys to Emotions
The Moon and the Nodes
Chapter 5 - Moon / Node Aspects
Conjunction / Opposition
Semisextile / Inconjunct
Semisquare / Sesquiquadrate
Sextile / Trine
The Square
Chapter 6 - The Emotional Energy Field
Delineating Aspects to the Nodes
Conjunction / Opposition (7 degrees of orb)
Semisextile / Inconjunct (4-5 degrees of orb)
Semisquare / Sesquiquadrate (3-5 degrees of orb)
Sextile / Trine (6-7 degrees of orb)
The Square (7 degrees of orb)
Other Aspects (1-2 degrees of orb)
Chapter 7 - Synthesis and Synergy, Aspects in Action
Sun Aspects
Mercury Aspects
Venus Aspects
Mars Aspects
Jupiter Aspects
Saturn Aspects
Uranus Aspects
Neptune Aspects
Pluto Aspects
Ascendant / Node Aspects, MC/IC / Node Aspects
Fixed Stars, Asteroids and Other Sensitive Points
Chapter 8 - Transiting Lunar Nodes (a.k.a. "Astrological PacMan")
Transiting Node Cycle
House Transits
Transiting Node to Natal Planets and Planetary Transits to Natal Nodes Miscellaneous
Chapter 9 - Keys to Life Experience
Transiting Lunar Nodes Delineation - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bibliography, Acknowledgements and Author’s Notes



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Lunar Nodes: Keys to Emotions and Life Experience
Lunar Nodes: Keys to Emotions
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