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Intuition @ Work
Intuition @ Work

Changing the Chatter
Changing the Chatter

A Pathe To Pregnancy-Ancient Secrets for the Modern Woman
A Path To Pregnancy
Ancient Secrets for
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Pendulum, L-Rod, Y-Rod

L-Rod, Y-Rod

How To Use Magical Oils
How To Use

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Money & Prosperity Workbook
Money and Prosperity Workbook

Your Personality Code: A New Look At Sun Signs
Your Personality Code:
A New Look At

Sun Signs

Sage and Smudge: Secrets of Clearing Your Personal Space
Sage and Smudge: Secrets of Clearing Your Personal Space

Simple Feng Shui Secrets
Simple Feng Shui Secrets

Color: A Secret Language Revealed
A Secret Language Revealed

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Progressed Moon transits

Each time the progressed Moon sign changes, a different planet takes over rulership of the Moon for a time. The original ruler has provided certain legacy which can color the continuing process always, but the new ruler will demand your attention and trigger your emotions and consciousness as it introduces its rules, regulations, requirements, rewards to the current mix.

The progressed Moon moving through a new house in your chart gives that house the opportunity to hold your attention for a time. Much in the way the placement of the Moon in a mundane chart reveals the area of life the public will be concerned with, the progressed Moon in a chart reveals an area of your life which may have slipped out of focus as you deal with the emergencies and challenges, the rewards and benefits of focusing your attention elsewhere in your life.

For nstance, it is hard to escape the impact of a Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto transit. Generally, our personal lives tend to take on a repetitive pattern. We have learned to respond to the apparent needs of living our lives; such seem obvious to us, we have trained ourselves to see them that way. And in filling them we have learned how to avoid those that require time or energy we have deemed to be "less necessary to our survival".

This perception changes somewhat as the secondary Moon progresses through our charts, bringing the sometimes ignored areas of life into our immediate focus for a time. We can learn much from following our instincts and our feelings as a secondary progressed Moon moves through a sign or a house. We can journal and remind ourselves on a regular basis of the experiences which affect us at a very deep level. What did we learn that helped us to feel more secure, more confident, more satisfied? What made our lives feel better? What made everything worse? And how can we avoid such experiences in the future?

We may not take every experience or awareness with us into the next stage of our lives, but each time a progressed Moon moves through a particular house, it reminds us of the importance of the matters related to that house, and we have a chance to enrich our overall satisfaction with our lives by incorporating the lessons into our frame of consciousness.

The transit of the progressed Moon into a new sign or house will add dimension to your emotional and spiritual reality. Each individual progressed Moon offers context to your personal perception of your life experience. Each full cycle offers opportunities to explore and discover truths about yourself and your purpose.


Your Lunar Return each month allows you a moment in time to feel your potential, your cosmic memory of what is important to you. A lunar cycle is approximately 29.53059 days. Each year you will, on an average, experience 12.36 (12.360064) lunar cycles. By the time you are 10, you have 123.6 lunar cycles under your belt. By the time you are 25, you’ve had 309 Lunar Returns.

Due in part to the regular movement of the Moon, you have (on a subconscious level) had a lot of experience of how transits work in your chart. And, along with the Moon making its monthly journey through your psyche, the Sun and the planets are also cycling around the zodiac, and leaving footprints in your experience. You have been sensitized to the pattern of personal experience which intrinsically structures your reality. Your planetary order has been established as a pathway of personal experience.

Whether we are talking about the luminaries or the planets (or any other transiting body in the heavens above us), every transit brings blessings, challenges and opportunities for learning in a particular way, according to each individual’s personal planetary order, and the structure of their chart. Every transit moving through each sign of the the zodiac will form aspects with every planet and point in your natal chart. Each transit creates its rippling effect via a chain of events specific to your own chart.



Sage and Smudge: The Ultimate Guide
Sage and Smudge:
The Ultimate Guide

Progressed Moon: Mirro Of Our Reality
rogressed Moon
Mirror Of Our Reality

Blegs, Protection and Angelic Help
Blessings, Protection
and Angelic Help

Feng Shui: It's Good For Business!
Feng Shui:
It's Good For Business!

Lunar Nodes: Keys to Emotions and Life Experience
Lunar Nodes: Keys to Emotions
and Life Experience


Mercury Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde

Feng Shui Form
Feng Shui Form

L-Rods: Secrets of Energy Dowsing
Secrets of Energy Dowsing

Transiting Lunar Nodes
Transiting Lunar Nodes