Mid Mercury Retrograde Musings

This morning I am getting ready to start on a project I have thought about doing several times over the past few years. Never quite got to the point of actually investing in the project, but a few days ago I decided that NOW is the time – well, simply because there won’t be a better time, actually. Mid Mercury Rx is a perfect time to do those things you have been putting off for a while: make the phone call, launch the project, get back on your exercise routine or your diet.

Now, when you open your paper or turn on the news, you will find examples of Mercury Rx everywhere. This morning I opened my paper and found several. One highlighted a prominent San Diego cardiologist who had been in New Orleans this past Tuesday giving an address “extolling the use of a small, portable device for examining people suffering heart distress.”

Three hours later, he’s on his flight back to San Diego from New Orleans on a commercial airline, when two attendants move through the cabin asking whether there is a doctor on board who could help someone experiencing symptoms including an abnormal heart rhythm. He takes the heart monitoring device out of his bag, and is able to diagnose her condition and help her.

The Mercury Rx part of the story is, that the cardiologist “…used a device 17 months ago on a flight to determine whether a man was having a heart attack.” In that instance the evaluation led to the pilot making an emergency landing so the man could receive treatment. Around the earlier time, Mercury was in the process of a retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius.

The energy of a Mercury Rx cycle goes through three phases. First, there is something we astrologers know as a ‘shadow’ time, as Mercury (in direct motion) approaches its retrograde point. Then, there is the actual Mercury Retrograde transit. And finally, there will be a second ‘shadow’ time (as Mercury moves forward once again, returning to the degree in the zodiac where it went retrograde). At this mid-way point, we still have time to work with (and benefit from) the current energy cycle. There is time to move a process forward, time to catch up with unfinished business, time to enjoy doing things we love to do, and time to start a process we’d like to re-visit in the future.

Tip: Check out Kelly O’Tillery’s excellent blog about this Mercury Retrograde season (below). Then think about what you feel like doing right now. Is it something you’ve thought about before? Or, something you started doing, but dropped (for whatever reason)? Is it something you wouldn’t mind doing again on a regular basis? Or something you’d like to be reminded of in a future Mercury Retrograde season? And, if you’d like to know more about Mercury Retrograde in general, check out my book here at https://etcpublishing.com/html/mercuryretrograde.htm

(Diane Ronngren is the author of Lunar Nodes, Keys to Emotions and Life Experience, Sage & Smudge: The Ultimate Guide, and numerous titles related to astrological and metaphysical topics both in soft cover on this site, and now on digital media.)