6 Feng Shui Tips for Getting Pregnant

by Donna Stellhorn

Sometimes when we are looking for a solution and we’ve tried all the conventional means we have to do something – anything to get the energy moving again. You may have tried everything to get pregnant, here are some unconventional tips you may not have tried.

1. A Bowl of Rice: Feng Shui lore says to place a bowl of uncooked rice under the bed. This is to stimulate the fertility energy of those who sleep in the bed above. You can use a decorative bowl of fine china or just a plain ceramic bowl, I recommend against plastic or paper bowls. Long grain or short grain rice is fine just make sure it’s uncooked.

2. Let the Dust Bunnies Roam: Tradition says that you should not clean under the bed while trying to get pregnant. It’s said that the child’s soul comes to visit the prospective parents and this soul hides out under the bed. If you clean under the bed the soul is disturbed and leaves to find other parents. So don’t fret about how much dust is in your rice bowl just leave it be.

3. Speaking of Bunnies: Rabbits represent fertility so displaying pairs of rabbits is said to increase baby making energy. You can use ceramic rabbit figurines, pictures of rabbits, stuffed rabbits or rabbits made of gemstone. The pair should look similar (so don’t try to match a stone rabbit with a stuffed rabbit). Place them in the room and move them to a new place in the room every week.

4. Plant a Seed: In Feng Shui, we use representations of what we want to attract energy so in this case, we want to plant some seeds and watch them grow. Grow a plant or two in the bedroom from seeds. Choose a plant that’s easy to grow and place it in a sunny window. You can also use cuttings to grow your plants but seeds are best.

5. Display an Egg: Eggs represent the potential for new life and babies so having an egg in the room helps stimulate the fertility energy. You can get egg-shaped stones like Jasper and Agate, there are petrified eggs, glass eggs, and Faberge-style eggs. Display the egg on your nightstand and keep it polished and shiny.

6. Get a Figurine of a Family: Small statues like three turtles standing one on top of the other, a family of three deer figurines or three stuffed animals in varied sizes all create the loving family energy. Place these on a table or chair (for the stuffed animals) in the bedroom so you can see them from the bed.

Sometimes the energy of the room itself is off but also sometimes there’s just some doubt from one potential parent or both that is blocking the energy. It’s important to clear any negative energy to allow the fertility energy to fill the room. These simple tips have helped others. Let me know what your experience is.

Donna Stellhorn is an Astrologer, Feng Shui expert, and author of Fertility Feng Shui. You can contact Donna at www.fengshuiform.com.

5 Things You Can Do to Feel Better (and each takes less than 3 minutes)

by Donna Stellhorn

Sometimes I just wake up in a funk. Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep. Or I’m feeling behind on my projects. Or sometimes I spent a little too much time on news headlines and suddenly I realize I’m depressed.

There are plently of things that can happen these days to leave you feeling down. But there are also ways to light the spark of hope and have it blazing within you. Here are five things I do to feel better right away and each take just a few minutes. (And you only have to do one to feel good).

  1. The Meditation of Loving Kindness.  I learned about this in Tim Ferriss’ book Tools of the Titans (which is an amazing book  by the way). He got it from Mingyur Rinpoche. Here’s how I do it. I sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor. Close my eyes and for 30 seconds or so I picture someone I care about having everything they ever wished for (health, wealth, happiness, etc.). Then for the next 30 seconds or so I picture an acquaintance or a colleague I know and that they have everything wonderful under the sun happen to them. Finally, for another 30 seconds I choose a stranger or a person in the public eye and wish them happiness, love, joy and success. And that’s it. I have found this amazingly effective for lifting the mood and it lasts all day.a woman meditating
  2. Dance. I put on some happy music and dance. Zumba works great for this. Exercise shifts our body chemistry and dancing is great exercise. I let go and dance like no one is watching.  Three minutes of dance and I feel better.Zumba
  3. Make a Clean Spot. This is what I call “spot decluttering”. I find a few items that can be tossed in the trash or put into the donation pile. Or I shred a small pile of papers. When you open up any space, even a tiny one, it feels like you can breathe. There’s a YouTube channel I enjoy called “Clean My Space”. I put on a quick video while I’m cleaning for inspiration.YouTube Channel Clean My Space
  4. Go Smudge Yourself. Smudging is a Native American-inspired method of clearing a person, place or object. Take sage (you can use whole leaves, ground sage or a smudge stick). Light the sage and move it around your body. You may feel an energy shift or that something is being lifted from you. You may not feel anything in the moment but in just a few minutes you feel better. I have a website on smudging with more information.Small Sage Bundle Burning
  5. Do Something For Someone Else: For me, depression happens when I focus inwards instead of outwards. It’s when I start thinking too much about myself and not about my service to others. I need to redirect my power (my gifts or just my energy) out into the world. So I pick up the phone and call or text other people offering to help them with what they need. Miraculously, this helps me most of all.Three Women Holding Hands

Let me know if you found this helpful. What you do to balance your energy and feel better?

Past Life Regression

by Kelly O’Tillery

I’ve asked many people over the years about their perspective on life and if they think people experience just one life, or multiple lives? I’ve heard “Yes”, “No”, and on occasion, “I don’t know?” In my experience most people have an opinion on this topic and it’s rarely up for debate.

Your upbringing, faith, and experiences all influence your beliefs and perspective about life and whether you give credence to the concept of past lives, or not.

For those of us who subscribe to the concept of past lives a past life regression can be a fascinating and enlightening experience. I think most people would agree that life is an opportunity to learn about themselves, a past life regression can render lot of information about who you are.

When a person tells me they want to experience past life regression my immediate response is, “Why?” What do you hope to discover or learn about yourself? What are your expectations and fears? Usually people have a few concerns about the process or experience.

Past life regression opens communication between your subconscious, where past life memories are stored and your conscious mind where those memories can be organized and analyzed in relation to your current life experience.

A past life regression can be helpful in discovering the root cause of fears or phobias, challenges that seem to repeat themselves like: difficulty holding a job, maintaining a relationship or bonding with people. Or, you may be curious about why you feel drawn to a specific area of the world, why you feel passionate about a cause, or what your mission is this lifetime.

If you’re looking for information from a past life regression that will facilitate changes in your life it’s important to remember that information alone will not generate change, you must take action. Awareness and understanding come with responsibility.

You make evaluations about yourself, your partner, your career and your life based on current knowledge and experience. New information and understanding can create the need for reassessment on many levels.

Upon completion of a past life regression it’s important to write about your experience. You want to document what you learned–insights and awarenesses–and how they relate to your life now. Like a dream the memories which seem so fresh in the moment will fade over time.

Consider how this new information influences your life, your work your relationships. Do you now have a better understanding of fears or phobias, habits, or patterns of behavior? What do you have the power to change now and how will you make those changes?

A past life regression is not for everyone; if you don’t think you’ve had past lives, attempting a past life regression will not change your mind. If you have lots of fears about the process or what you might discover, your mind will not allow you the experience.

If you trust you’ve had past lives and you are open to learning more about yourself and your history, consider taking the opportunity to enhance your current life experience.

Venus In Aries

by Diane Ronngren

This evening (May 2) transiting Venus will enter the Zodiac Sign of Aries. She will remain in this sign for almost the entire month of May, bringing each of us opportunities to explore her passion and her determination and her courage (words we associate with the energy of the sign).

So, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I care? I’m dealing with the challenges and surprises resulting from a Solar and Lunar Eclipse! And I’ve read about a Grand Cross between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. It all sounds pretty grim, and anyway, Venus is all about sweetness and light, so her trip through Aries is not anything I need to focus on right now.”

Let’s think this through. In the process of dealing with the major changes that affect our lives over the long term, we still live our everyday lives, eat our meals, take jobs, start businesses, fall in love, buy homes, have sex, seek pleasure and benefit from our activities and our relationships. Our lives, our personal reality, our money, our relationships – these are the realm of VENUS. And, since Venus rules all of these things, it is a good idea to keep an eye on her movements, and be aware of her presence, and listen to her messages.

I like to think of Venus as “the iron fist in a velvet glove”. Astrologically Venus is considered the ruler of two signs in the zodiac: Taurus and Libra. Interestingly at this time, Venus in her position as ruler of Taurus (the zodiac sign of the Sun in the recent Solar Eclipse), and Libra (the zodiac sign of the Moon in the recent Total Lunar Eclipse) is the BOSS of all things connected to these eclipses!

So, in a way, Venus in Aries will provide you with your main tool to deal with the challenges and opportunities coming your way this month. And she will give you ample samplings of her passionate and determined Aries energy along the way. Need I say, you will need this energy?

So, how can you identify the tools Venus is bringing you to use in your journey through the month of May, 2014? As I explain in my booklet, VENUS, as with all other astrological significators, we often become aware of their expression in our lives through negative aspects of experience. These are a few of the ways Venus tries to get our attention. Make a note whether these show up in your life, or if similar ones get your attention over the next few days:

  • Poor self-esteem
  • Lack of determination
  • No one to love or care about us
  • No one to love
  • Poor income, or no work
  • Loss of an important person
  • Anger (at something/someone specific)
  • Frustration
  • Discomfort

If you identify one or more of these (or other similar feelings), note them down and recognize these are the tools used by Venus to get your attention. Venus wants to be needed. She can bring things we wish for, hope for, ask for, want, and would be happy with! All we need to do is focus our attention (this month using the Aries tools she is offering) on these actions in order to benefit from her presence in our lives.

When Venus enters a new sign or a new house in your chart, she usually announces her arrival by bringing some kind of discomfort, something that causes you to recognize some specific lack. Whether you identify the lack in your life in the Taurus arena or in the Libra parts of your life at this time, you will now be plugged in to the determination, the passion, the direct focus, the strength, the zest for living and the courage to finish what you set out to do! All you have to do is ask for ________ (fill in the blank), as you launch into battle, meet the challenges, and determine your path into the future!

My booklet, VENUS, is available in print or digital format at Amazon.com.


Mid Mercury Retrograde Musings

This morning I am getting ready to start on a project I have thought about doing several times over the past few years. Never quite got to the point of actually investing in the project, but a few days ago I decided that NOW is the time – well, simply because there won’t be a better time, actually. Mid Mercury Rx is a perfect time to do those things you have been putting off for a while: make the phone call, launch the project, get back on your exercise routine or your diet.

Now, when you open your paper or turn on the news, you will find examples of Mercury Rx everywhere. This morning I opened my paper and found several. One highlighted a prominent San Diego cardiologist who had been in New Orleans this past Tuesday giving an address “extolling the use of a small, portable device for examining people suffering heart distress.”

Three hours later, he’s on his flight back to San Diego from New Orleans on a commercial airline, when two attendants move through the cabin asking whether there is a doctor on board who could help someone experiencing symptoms including an abnormal heart rhythm. He takes the heart monitoring device out of his bag, and is able to diagnose her condition and help her.

The Mercury Rx part of the story is, that the cardiologist “…used a device 17 months ago on a flight to determine whether a man was having a heart attack.” In that instance the evaluation led to the pilot making an emergency landing so the man could receive treatment. Around the earlier time, Mercury was in the process of a retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius.

The energy of a Mercury Rx cycle goes through three phases. First, there is something we astrologers know as a ‘shadow’ time, as Mercury (in direct motion) approaches its retrograde point. Then, there is the actual Mercury Retrograde transit. And finally, there will be a second ‘shadow’ time (as Mercury moves forward once again, returning to the degree in the zodiac where it went retrograde). At this mid-way point, we still have time to work with (and benefit from) the current energy cycle. There is time to move a process forward, time to catch up with unfinished business, time to enjoy doing things we love to do, and time to start a process we’d like to re-visit in the future.

Tip: Check out Kelly O’Tillery’s excellent blog about this Mercury Retrograde season (below). Then think about what you feel like doing right now. Is it something you’ve thought about before? Or, something you started doing, but dropped (for whatever reason)? Is it something you wouldn’t mind doing again on a regular basis? Or something you’d like to be reminded of in a future Mercury Retrograde season? And, if you’d like to know more about Mercury Retrograde in general, check out my book here at https://etcpublishing.com/html/mercuryretrograde.htm

(Diane Ronngren is the author of Lunar Nodes, Keys to Emotions and Life Experience, Sage & Smudge: The Ultimate Guide, and numerous titles related to astrological and metaphysical topics both in soft cover on this site, and now on digital media.)

Mercury Retrograde

February 23 – March 17, 2013

OMG! Is it that time again?!

Yes, but remember, as much as Mercury Retrograde can be challenging, frustrating, irritating, and delaying, it can also be a very productive, creative, profitable, and useful time. And it can literally save your butt if you’ve been moving ahead with plans, projects, or a relationship too quickly.

Tips – Mercury Retrograde in Pisces survival guide!

  • Mercury is retrograde in the illusive, dreamy sign of Pisces this time around. Pisces energy can be used to create a vision for your life based on your dreams — or to escape reality. You choose.
  • You stuck with and kept your New Year’s resolutions through January and most of February. And then, all of a sudden, without notice: life intruded and turned your carefully scripted routine upside down! Or, your will and determination just seemed to fly out the window; or your momentum and progress seemed to come to a screeching halt! What happened?
  • Mercury Retrograde happened — but you can use the energy of Mercury in Pisces to get yourself back on track if you’re willing to change, adjust, alter, or modify your approach. If you’re working with a schedule be flexible! Instead of every day, try every other day, or different times of the day; and if you slip up, it’s okay – onward!
  • Add music or dance to your exercise routine. Be creative, make a vision board to support your process; this visual reminder can be extremely motivating. Mercury in Pisces enhances receptivity to subconscious messages so, whether you’re trying to kick a habit, adopt a new health regime, or improve your golf game, subliminal message CD’s, NPL (Neuro Linguistic Programming), hypnosis, and meditation can be quite effective.
  • Adopt a creative approach to problem solving during the time of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. It may sound counterintuitive, but wandering through a variety of potential solutions will likely bring you a better outcome than immediately going with the obvious: “This is what they’ve always done.” quick fix.
  • You’re more sensitive to people and your environment during this retrograde, so it’s important to be mindful of your surroundings and the people you’re spending time with. The Beach Boys had it right with Good Vibrations!
  • Romantic fantasies can provide a fun escape from the mundane aspects of living your life, so go ahead put on those rose-colored glasses. But remember to take them off once you leave the movie theater and step back into reality! If your love life is not all you’d like it to be, allow yourself a daydream or two, and create the vision of your heart’s desire. Then, reflect on your past and/or current relationship, and ponder the question, “What’s blocking my vision?”
  • We all experience brain fog from time to time, but it can be a bit disorienting when you notice everyone around you seems a bit foggy too! Go with the flow, trust your intuition, don’t make any major commitments, and you’ll emerge from the haze of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces with a fresh perspective and a clear sense of direction.
Astrologer, Writer and Teacher Kelly O’Tillery has been a part of ETC Publishing since its inception. Visit her website at www.kellyotillery.com to read more about Mercury Retrograde.