Past Life Regression

by Kelly O’Tillery

I’ve asked many people over the years about their perspective on life and if they think people experience just one life, or multiple lives? I’ve heard “Yes”, “No”, and on occasion, “I don’t know?” In my experience most people have an opinion on this topic and it’s rarely up for debate.

Your upbringing, faith, and experiences all influence your beliefs and perspective about life and whether you give credence to the concept of past lives, or not.

For those of us who subscribe to the concept of past lives a past life regression can be a fascinating and enlightening experience. I think most people would agree that life is an opportunity to learn about themselves, a past life regression can render lot of information about who you are.

When a person tells me they want to experience past life regression my immediate response is, “Why?” What do you hope to discover or learn about yourself? What are your expectations and fears? Usually people have a few concerns about the process or experience.

Past life regression opens communication between your subconscious, where past life memories are stored and your conscious mind where those memories can be organized and analyzed in relation to your current life experience.

A past life regression can be helpful in discovering the root cause of fears or phobias, challenges that seem to repeat themselves like: difficulty holding a job, maintaining a relationship or bonding with people. Or, you may be curious about why you feel drawn to a specific area of the world, why you feel passionate about a cause, or what your mission is this lifetime.

If you’re looking for information from a past life regression that will facilitate changes in your life it’s important to remember that information alone will not generate change, you must take action. Awareness and understanding come with responsibility.

You make evaluations about yourself, your partner, your career and your life based on current knowledge and experience. New information and understanding can create the need for reassessment on many levels.

Upon completion of a past life regression it’s important to write about your experience. You want to document what you learned–insights and awarenesses–and how they relate to your life now. Like a dream the memories which seem so fresh in the moment will fade over time.

Consider how this new information influences your life, your work your relationships. Do you now have a better understanding of fears or phobias, habits, or patterns of behavior? What do you have the power to change now and how will you make those changes?

A past life regression is not for everyone; if you don’t think you’ve had past lives, attempting a past life regression will not change your mind. If you have lots of fears about the process or what you might discover, your mind will not allow you the experience.

If you trust you’ve had past lives and you are open to learning more about yourself and your history, consider taking the opportunity to enhance your current life experience.