Mercury Retrograde

February 23 – March 17, 2013

OMG! Is it that time again?!

Yes, but remember, as much as Mercury Retrograde can be challenging, frustrating, irritating, and delaying, it can also be a very productive, creative, profitable, and useful time. And it can literally save your butt if you’ve been moving ahead with plans, projects, or a relationship too quickly.

Tips – Mercury Retrograde in Pisces survival guide!

  • Mercury is retrograde in the illusive, dreamy sign of Pisces this time around. Pisces energy can be used to create a vision for your life based on your dreams — or to escape reality. You choose.
  • You stuck with and kept your New Year’s resolutions through January and most of February. And then, all of a sudden, without notice: life intruded and turned your carefully scripted routine upside down! Or, your will and determination just seemed to fly out the window; or your momentum and progress seemed to come to a screeching halt! What happened?
  • Mercury Retrograde happened — but you can use the energy of Mercury in Pisces to get yourself back on track if you’re willing to change, adjust, alter, or modify your approach. If you’re working with a schedule be flexible! Instead of every day, try every other day, or different times of the day; and if you slip up, it’s okay – onward!
  • Add music or dance to your exercise routine. Be creative, make a vision board to support your process; this visual reminder can be extremely motivating. Mercury in Pisces enhances receptivity to subconscious messages so, whether you’re trying to kick a habit, adopt a new health regime, or improve your golf game, subliminal message CD’s, NPL (Neuro Linguistic Programming), hypnosis, and meditation can be quite effective.
  • Adopt a creative approach to problem solving during the time of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. It may sound counterintuitive, but wandering through a variety of potential solutions will likely bring you a better outcome than immediately going with the obvious: “This is what they’ve always done.” quick fix.
  • You’re more sensitive to people and your environment during this retrograde, so it’s important to be mindful of your surroundings and the people you’re spending time with. The Beach Boys had it right with Good Vibrations!
  • Romantic fantasies can provide a fun escape from the mundane aspects of living your life, so go ahead put on those rose-colored glasses. But remember to take them off once you leave the movie theater and step back into reality! If your love life is not all you’d like it to be, allow yourself a daydream or two, and create the vision of your heart’s desire. Then, reflect on your past and/or current relationship, and ponder the question, “What’s blocking my vision?”
  • We all experience brain fog from time to time, but it can be a bit disorienting when you notice everyone around you seems a bit foggy too! Go with the flow, trust your intuition, don’t make any major commitments, and you’ll emerge from the haze of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces with a fresh perspective and a clear sense of direction.
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